Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moving right along...

Hello Taibi Timers,

No huge news here, just moving further along in the same direction. Slowly. But surely. As my mother says, "Poco a poco, se va lejos." This means, "Little by little, one goes far." I'm still clearing out my apartment, still listing more items in my Etsy Shop (, still planning my wedding - basically just trying to be a better version of myself and trying to get things done. And relax. It's important to remember to relax. RELAX!!

This past Sunday I actually took a rare weekend day off from retailing to go wedding venue hunting with my almost-husband Liam. We went to a park that we had high hopes for and it turned out that we weren't that into it...but I did get this one good picture out of the experience :

We also went to a place called Brooklyn Farmacy where - get this - they have vegan maple egg creams!!! It's got a lot of vintage charm, and here's a pic I took of a scale/horoscope-giver-machine that they have there :

On a side note, I am a total Instagram addict, and my name on it is Taibi_Time. Please follow me if you would like to! It would make me feel very special :)

Thanks for reading this. I hope that you are making the kind of progress in your life that you want to be making - whatever that is. Have a great week.

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