Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Post for February

So despite my best efforts I do not seem to be much of a blogger. I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway, but I would like it if they did. So in an effort to use this "space" more often, I will now be scanning journal entries probably instead of, but at least in addition to typing. If you are reading this and you like what you see, would you please send a link to a friend? Many thanks!

And to dive into the not too distant past, here are a couple images from Valentine's Day. There's a pic of the Valentines I made, and then one of my outfit from the day. 

What else did February hold? Not too much out of the ordinary. Working, cooking, getting root canals. My husband started a new job which he is liking, so that's good! We've also both been making more of an effort to go the gym and that's a really good thing for us in a lot of ways.

Did you know that I cook a lot? I'll post a couple food photos below, but the best way to see what I'm up to in the kitchen is to follow me on Instagram @Taibi_Time. Always vegan and usually gluten free :)

 chia seed pudding

 gluten free pasta, brown rice and veggie soup, and salad

salad with raw cashews

gluten free flat bread with stir fry

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello Taibi Timers and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a really fun New Year's Eve and I wish you an amazing 2014! Here is a list of my 14 resolutions for the new year.

And here's one more resolution just for good luck - write in my notebook more!