Saturday, October 19, 2013

I've come back out on the other side!

I'm married! Phew! Yay! People keep asking - how was it? Was it the most wonderful day of your life? Everything you had dreamed of and more? 

How do I answer that? I have decided that my experience of my wedding can be summed up in two words - stressful and beautiful. If I ever had any thoughts of wanting to be an event planner, they are shot - but - the day felt full of love, sincerity, and the magic of universal interconnectedness. I'm overjoyed that we took this step and I'm very excited for our future. Here we are, in all the glory of non-tradition :)

As far as Taibi Time activities go, my shop is back open ( and I will soon be listing Christmas goodies and more vintage books! Stay tuned!

Much Love,
Taibi Mastelbowers