Thursday, September 1, 2011

a bit about what i am working on for my next show (tentatively set to open in november)

roots + lovers
6" X 4"
photograph (printed from double exposed 35 mm color film, shot on a manual camera)

i am double exposing rolls of 35mm color film by shooting a roll once in my manual camera, rewinding it, removing the roll from the camera, having the end of the roll pulled out slightly, reloading the film, and shooting it again.

double exposing the film layers one image randomly on top of another so i never know what picture i'm going to end up with until i get my prints back from the photo place. i am selecting my favorite prints from each roll to be enlarged, and then i will collage and paint on top of those prints.

this is something i have never done before. it doesn't have great meaning, i'm just trying to have fun making things, and learn something along the way. as always, i am driven by my love of art and craft materials.

i expect to achieve a psychedelic effect, but i really don't know what i'm going to end up with. only time will tell. right now, i am still taking pictures and having them printed, i haven't started in with glue and paint yet.


i am going to be selling $10 art again very shortly. this time, am making a series of relief prints, so there will be a limited number of pieces available.

stay tuned for more information about my upcoming show and $10 art!

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