Wednesday, September 14, 2011

art for heather : relief prints

i have recently taken up relief printing and i'm really enjoying it. i made these prints specifically for Heather to sell and profit from. who is Heather???

she is the sister in law of Secret Agent Josephine, who writes my favorite mommy blog:
Secret Agent Josephine put the word out on her blog that Heather is having a tough time right now, financially and otherwise. Heather is selling some items of her own such as teacups, collectors plates and a guitar to help make ends meet, and i offered her my art to sell as well. i don't know her personally, but she seems like a lovely woman and mother and i wanted to do what i could to help make her life a little easier.

if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please contact Heather for sizes and prices:

there are many more prints available that are similar, though not identical to those pictured here. i have posted a few examples of each design - however - in the case of the "animals in frames" series directly below, what you see is all that exists - there are no others!

animals in frames: printed frames with hand drawn animals on painted paper. there are no more of these, just what you see here!

three tiny heart prints: there are a few more of these, but each one is different and these are my three favorite.

vine: relief print on hand painted paper. there are a few more of these, and they all look more or less the same.

tree prints: i made a bunch of these, they are on all different kinds of origami paper. some, like the tree on the right, are printed on the back of the paper. those have more contrast and just a hint of pattern.


Adventures of a New York Gypsy said...

Hi Taibi! It was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend! I hope to keep in touch with you, this is a great blog and it's so nice how you help others!


Lisa xo

Anonymous said...

Lisa, it was great to meet you too! thanks so much for taking a look at my blog. i'm really glad that you like it, and that you appreciate my prints for Heather project. i'm trying to post more often, so check back soon :)

stay well,