Friday, September 9, 2011

$10 art strikes again : BIRDS WITH WORDS

* 5" X 7" relief print on hand colored, hand torn rives bfk paper.
*signed and dated
*each work is incomplete until you purchase it, at which point i will add text to the speech bubble. you won't know what it says until you get it in the mail, and each one will be different.

*email me at with your mailing address
*send $10 + $2 shipping and handling, in CASH to: Taibi c/o Liam Bowers~980 4th ave #177~ Brooklyn, NY 11232. use a security envelope, or put the money in a card or magazine page before putting it in a regular envelope.

*the $2 shipping rate applies to art being sent within the US only. please email me for international shipping rates.

please email me with any questions, or if you are interested in buying more than one.
thank you!

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