Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 100th Post!

Wow, Blogger. We've been together for a while now. Look at all we've done! Since this is my 100th post, I'll try to make it extra good and (vegan) beefy. 

First order of business : Original art added to my shop! Please take a look and tell a friend. Thank you!
Below are three of the pieces I just listed:

Second order of business : Did you know that I have a clutter problem? Well, I do. And I always have. This is the year when it will all change, and you get to bear witness to the transformation. How do I know that my hoarding behavior will change this year? I am finally sick ENOUGH of the stress that is caused by living with too much stuff. Below is a display of contrast - some awful looking parts of my apartment, and some of the really nice looking parts of my apartment. I consider these all to be "before" photos. I had a really productive day of clearing out and I'm hoping to make my whole place look as nice as the nicer scenes below. More clearing out and "after" photos to come!

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